Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monster Spud

Yesterday being such a glorious day I just had to head outside and enjoy the sunshine.

While I was out in the garden pulling out the weeds that seem close to taking over, I found some potatoes that were good to go.

I LOVE homegrown potatoes!

Check out these monsters!  
That big one weighs 1.2kg - what on earth can a person do with that much potato in one hit?!?!  The smaller (!) ones at the left back are about 500g and the little ones at the front are normal size.  That's a whole lot of potato right there!  

I'm thinking a big batch of gnocchi is in order.  Or mashed potato for the next 3 nights!


  1. I love potatoes! Those look great. I've never made gnocchi. Is it hard?

  2. Neither have I so I'm hoping not!

    I was given a fancy potato masher thing that apparently mashes the potato into really fine mash just right for gnocchi.....I'll let you know of my attempt!


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