Monday, July 4, 2011

Chocolate Port Liqueur

OMG.  It is entirely possible that this is my favourite alcoholic beverage EVER.  That's right, EVER.

Chocolate.  And Liqueur.  Chocolate.  Liqueur.  Two of the very best ingredients in the history of best ingredients combined to make a spectacular combination that should be available in every bottleshop across the land but unfortunately I am yet to find it anywhere but Vincenzo's.  [sad face]

I am in love.  Totally, deeply, madly in love.

I have been in love since the very first (tasting sample size) sip at the Big Apple in Stanthorpe a couple of years ago when my socks were knocked off and I felt quite tipsy all of a sudden (from one small sample glass!!!).  I continue to fall deeper in love with every too-soon-gone mouthful.

Lucky for me our good friends Mr & Mrs H live not far from the Big Apple and regularly pick me up a bottle (or two) when they visit.  Or we pick up a bottle (or two) when we visit.  

A shame for me that visits don't happen as often as I polish off a bottle!!

Though the fact that this (700ml) bottle has lasted me all of 7 days - perhaps it is for the best that our visits are spaced out!!!

I don't need an intervention, truly I don't !!!


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