Monday, July 18, 2011

There's a bear in there....

and a chair as well....
there are people with games......
and stories to tell.
Open wide, come inside,
it's Playschool!

That's Benita in the back row holding Little Ted and John in the front row holding Humpty.  I love you all!!!
I read in the paper the other day that Playschool turns 45 this year.  45!  How amazing is that!  Could the ABC even begin to count the number of kids who grew up (and are still growing up!) with Big Ted, Little Ted, Humpty Dumpty, Jemima and the owl and the pussycat, and looking through arch windows (always my choice), and learning the time via the rocket clock (oh how I looked forward to the rocket clock)?  I seriously doubt it!

I grew up in the time of Benita and John H.  My favourites.  Even now the sounds of their voices brings a smile to my face and a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart!

Cars made from cardboard boxes, stretched out arms becoming plane wings, pillows and blankets making tents......goes to show that all the fancy pants toys in the world can't beat those age old heroes of a cardboard roll, cellophane and some pipe cleaners to entertain kids for 30 minutes every weekday afternoon!

Happy birthday Playschool!  Thanks for the memories!

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