Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marching along

And so another month has begun.

I can't believe how quickly the first couple of months disappear every year.  First thing it's new years and then the next, it's Easter.  Insane.

I had a customer tell me once that the years seem faster the older you get because you get slower.  Sounds true enough to me and explains a whole lot!

The LOML and I are viewing this year as a Transition Year.  A year of change to get us to where we want to be.  Not that we're 100% certain of what that entails or where it will be, but it won't be what we've been doing that's for sure!  My new job fits in with that plan nicely giving us the small amount of financial security that comes from a predetermined salary as opposed to the how-much-shall-we-sell-today insecurity that comes part-and-parcel with selling things people want but don't need in an area where income is spent first on booze, then cigarettes, then food and then bills.  Giftware is rarely on their register.  Hence we're changing tact.

I'm looking forward to this year.  Much as I was last year but this year I'm hoping for a little more.  I do hope I'm not let down - that's the problem with raising your expectations, there's always the risk you will be let down but still this year I live in hope.  Truly, I shudder to think that things could get worse.

So in the meantime I'm enjoying life day to day.  Enjoying the minimal responsibility that comes with only having to answer phones, handle the mail, keep the photocopier full of paper and type a few things in my day.  Enjoying the sleep in on weekends that seems like at least three hours but is only about one.  Enjoying this lovely summer-is-officially-over-autumn-is-on-its-way weather while it lasts.  Enjoying life really.  Enjoying life as it is right now, rather than life tomorrow.

It's making me a little bit excited about the future and where we are headed.  And that's exciting.  I haven't felt like that in far too long.  Far too long.

Here's cheers to tomorrow!


  1. Happy March to you Shelley. Sounds like things are going well.

  2. Good for you, Shelley! Enjoy the moment, long may it last! :)

  3. Thanks Fiona! Thanks Celia! I am loving life at the moment - any happier and I'd explode (and that would be messy - eeewwww!).


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