Friday, January 25, 2013

The road to a friend's house....

Our neighbour friends have moved out to their block of land an hour out of town and left us all alone.

Very sad we are because not only were they great neighbours, but they are great friends and truthfully, we don't have that many friends in this place.

We see them a couple of times a month now, when they drop around to their house to check that their son (who now lives there) hasn't burnt the place down and to mow the lawn.  Or when we get an afternoon free and we are able to take a drive out.

We do miss their company.  Genuine people with giving hearts.  Gems.  Rare to find these days.

I found this cross-stitch in one of my books and thought it would be a perfect gift for them....


It now has a new home on a wall in their house.

Fills my heart with joy that does. 

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