Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 - year of the recipe book cookoff

So I might be a little late with developing some form of goal or plan for the year....and certainly a little late with the sharing of said goals and plans.   But I subscribe to the 'better late than never' philosophy and believe that truly, any day is as good as another to start something, really!

Aside from the usual eat better, exercise more, drink less wine, keep off the sugar gig that I seem to espouse at the start of each year and then eventually admit defeat by about, you know, 3rd March, this year I have a different aim.  And this year, I reckon I have pretty high chances of actually achieving it.  Hooray!

So to my point? My actual goal for 2013, year of change and getting my happy on? wellll,,,,,,,so glad you asked!

You see I have this bookshelf just off the kitchen.  It's been filling for years.  And years.  I'm sure there are books that really want to live on this shelf but unfortunately, they just haven't made the cut and live instead in the cardboard box on top of the cupboard in the spare room.  That the LOML doesn't know about.  

I know there are books that have been culled from both the shelf and the box, thrown into supermarket bags and taken to Lifeline to grace their shelves and hopefully find a new home on someone else's bookshelf.  But there are still a lot of books on my shelf.

Mostly books to do with food.

I won't part with the cake decorating ones.  Those ones are hard to come by.  Especially the vintage ones I inherited from my Aunt.

And I won't part with the recipe books I've currently got up there.  Those ones are the special ones.

I might get rid of a few from the spare room.  But not until later....

So what I've decided to do, to really justify the space my prides and joys are taking up on my shelf (and to keep the LOML, bless his heart, from threatening to take them to Lifeline himself in my stead) they need to be, you know, used.  Rather than just looked at after a few wines when I'm really hungry and in the mood for cooking (food tastes better after a few reds!) but then settle for cheese on toast when I realise I haven't the ingredients or the inclination!

And that's my 2013 goal.  

I shall cook from my cookbooks.  Twice weekly (minimum).  Something new each time.  

And then, to keep myself honest, and to remember what I have cooked and which book it came from, I shall blog about it.  With photos.  Un-photoshopped photos.  



Have I got it in me, to master this challenge of mine????

Watch this space......

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