Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Burn

Given that the weather has warmed up significantly over this last week, clothing options have now moved into the shorts/skirts and shirt variety.  And given that I was almost reduced to tears the other morning when the 3/4 pants I bought and wore quite comfortably for the entirety of last summer now resemble spray on legs, the time has come for some serious weight reduction exercises.

I've probably left it a bit late (truly the intention was there - I think I started psyching myself up and attempting to start this months ago) but better late than never.  And truly, there is no time like right now. 

With that in mind I have this week been giving the treadmill a definite workout (oh, how unfit am I!) and yesterday included a whole 'across the yard and back again' set of lunges.  I tell ya, I thought my legs were burning afterwards but that ain't nothing like the burn I've got going today!  Walking is slow and steady with a bit of a saddle-sore gait and as for sitting down gracefully, well, that's more like an inelegant fall.  Don't even get me started on the getting up and down the back stairs (who chose a highset house?).

But one mustn't complain.  No pain, no gain.  One must embrace the burn and celebrate it for it's powers of buttock firming and centimetre losing.  


And now to go and do it all again.  And again.  And again.  Owwwww!  

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