Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I did it!

I'm a reader. 

If I'm interested in doing something that I know nothing about, I read anything and everything I can get my hands on before I have a go at it.  Annoys the LOML to no end but then he's a doer - a doer who has little time for instructions and usually ends up having to do it all again because he did it wrong the first time (that's where instructions help!).  Gotta laugh.

My very first batch of homemade soap!
Anyway, for a while now I've been interested in making my own soap but with all the reading, I got scared off by the warnings about caustic soda/ lye and haven't done anything about it.

And then I read Rhonda's blogpost, followed by Christine's, and decided there was no time like the present and if it didn't work out first go, that was okay.  Just do it.  (there is a lot of internal dialogue going on in my head at times like these - hard work convincing myself!).

Anyway, I did it.  And it worked!  First go! How exciting!

So I am now the proud creator of soap!  Woohooo!

Now for the next batch......

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