Monday, February 21, 2011

Eating my way around the world

A menu board in Chiang Mai - $1AUD was roughly 28Baht
Last year the LOML and I had a year of fun and fitness.  Well, that was the plan.  We had lots of fun.  The fitness truly was an ideal - that didn't quite happen.  Oh well.

Anyway....the fun!  Oh the fun!

In May last year we packed our backpacks and headed to the airport armed with a one-way ticket out of Australia and no plan.  If you had asked me even 4 years ago if I could do that - travel without having every minute of every day planned in advance with backup plans in place 'just in case' - I would have laughed at you.  But I've changed.  Oh how I've changed!

The LOML has always lived by the seat of his pants, making things up as he goes along, enjoying the moment and living each day as it comes.  And he's rubbed off on me.  Gone, well at significantly decreased levels, are my worrying and pre-planning to death ways.  Now I too can enjoy the moment.....and in what better way than travelling the world with only three changes of clothes, a one-way-ticket and a list of places I'd like to see! 
mmmm...Pad Thai & Chicken Coconut Milk Soup
So we headed out in May last year and came back about 8 weeks later (was going to be longer but I got homesick and we came home - but didn't tell anyone and surprised them all by just turning up at their door!).  Along the way we went to Thailand - spent most of our time there - and it was AMAZING!

The people are so beautiful, friendly and giving, and the countryside is spectacular.  We spent most of our time in the north in Chiang Mai - definitely going back there!  While there, after LOVING all of the food on all of the menus, I decided to do a cooking class.  It took a whole day and I learned how to make different curries and soups and desserts, and best of all, I got to eat them all at the end!  YUMMMM!!!

Once we got home I was able to cook for the family and show off my skills.  My talented metal-worker-brother even made me a trivet to fit on my gas cooker to hold my wok - to be paid off in the delish currency of 'real-deal 'curries!  Needless to say Thai night at our house is never missed and is WAY better than anything the local takeaway shops can offer.....
Penang Curry & Sticky Rice with Mango



  1. HA!! I'm glad to finally put a face/blog to the Australian who pops up on my stats.

    BTW, if I ever make it to your side of the world, do you promise to make me Thai food? Pretty please?

  2. You found me out! There's nowhere to hide on the web!

    Indeed I will cook you up a thai feast if you come this way - what's your favourite? Penang, green/red curry, chicken and cashew nut, massaman.....yum, I'm making myself hungry!


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