Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tis the season for it

The nights are getting cooler now, as we head deeper into winter.  I'm not complaining at all this year about the temperatures we've been having.  Dare I risk jinxing it by saying it out loud but, it's hardly been cold at all.  I mean, it's not warm by any stretch of the imagination.  Just, not as cold.

Expect snow any day now. 

The fire has been getting a good workout regardless.  Nothing warms like a wood fire.  Except maybe a big hug.  And nothing creates ambience like flames dancing on the logs and making shadows on the walls.

Pikelets are the fashion of the season this year too.

I love pikelets.  Good thing too given the amount of them I eat.

Easy to make, easy to eat, quite often I'm to be found in the kitchen at 9pm whipping up a batch for supper and next-day morning tea.

Next thing I know I'll be making ice-cream and fruit salad to go with my pikelets.  It doesn't feel that cold this year.

Truly, I'm not kidding you, don't be surprised by news reports of snow around these parts tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. It's certainly cold enough here. Last night the temp fell to -1*C. Again. When I woke up this morning the backyard was covered in frost. Again. It is making hard work of growing stuff! This is the coldest winter I can remember.


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