Thursday, July 12, 2012

Of Cottonwool Fog and Abs of Steel...

I'm feeling a little miserable at the moment.  

Healthwise that is.  Two weekends ago I came down with a flu-cold-virus thing and it feels like I'm getting better so slowly, sooo slowly.  

All that I have left now is a cough that sucks the life out of me, takes my breath away and deprives my vital organs of oxygen.  Always nice (not).  I do hope all of this coughing results in a tightening of the abs and not just bruised ribs and a back in need of chiropractic care.

I feel like I've lost this month so far - all of a sudden it's not just July, it's mid-July.  Sheesh.

The weather isn't helping my mood either.  

This morning the fog on the way to work was thick like cotton wool.  It sure was pretty to look, and I would have enjoyed it much more had I been sitting in front of a fire looking out a window at it.  

But instead I was dodging potholes in the road, trying not to run up the rear end of vehicles that seemed to jump out in front of me suddenly and fighting the urge to peer off into the edges rather than watching where I was going.  

It felt like I was flying through the clouds instead of driving to work.  Eerie.  Very eerie.  But pretty.

I sure would like to see the sun again soon.

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