Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Saturday Night

I love Saturday nights.

Middle of the weekend, sleep in tomorrow, life is grand.

Tonight the LOML is out doing his thing until dinner-time and I'm home alone.  Which means the music is cranking....(lucky the neighbours are two doors over)....and I sound amazingly like Adele herself ....I can't keep up with your turning tables....

...I have quinces on the stovetop slowly working their magic.  We ran out of quince paste, horror of all horrors, so immediate action had to be taken.  Considering how much I made last time and we've now gone through it, I should be thinking twice about doing another batch...

The fire is that the Ekka winds making an early appearance, signalling the end of winter (if early)?  I'd forgotten about all those gaps around the doors and windows, but hopefully they will blow away soon - the Mulberry tree out front is telling me that spring is not that far away now (the fruit starting to form, oh the fruit!!!).

The washing has been done and is now waiting to be hung up.  In winter it goes on the clothes airer inside because I'm not home early enough to get it off the line before the sun goes down.  Bring on Spring and sun-dried, warm-air-dried clothes.  Mmmmmm......!!!

And a loaf of bread is on the go.  It feels like forever since I've done any form of baking (in reality, 4 days.  Forever.)

In the meantime, a glass of wine is in need of a re-fill and plans for dinner have been made and are about to be implemented (tonight, a brussell sprout-cauliflower-bacon type carbonara al-a-Donna Hay Magazine - I made it last week.  It was so good I'm making it again.  yummmmm!).

Aaaaannnnndddd I've been playing with the photo editing apps on my phone - enjoy :)

Happy Saturday night!

And Happy Birthday to my friend Lady J!  I hope your night is as snug and warm as mine xxx

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  1. Hope you're having a good month, Shelley! Haven't heard from you, so wanted to pop in and say hi! xx


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