Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sugar High, Sugar Low, Sugar very very low

So as it happened, the other night we got the invite for dinner from my sister and BIL.

My BIL was a chef in a past life.  This sort of invitation is not something one passes up lightly.

Given that his facebook post of the morning mentioned his visit to the Asian grocery store in town for the purchase of some essential 'Thai' ingredients, our invitation acceptance was forwarded mighty fast.

It was a feast.  Table groaning with a selection of curries and stirfries and rices and condiments....I think I may have eaten too much.  I certainly didn't have the mind to remember to take piccies but trust me, it was good!

And then dessert came out.  The most delicious baked sticky rice pudding (not authentic Thai I'm sure, but very Thai-esque), served warm with a generous helping of creamy icecream.  

And I thought I was full before dessert!!

Amazing!!!  I only wish I had remembered my camera!

Unfortunately for me, well unfortunately for the LOML, my comedown off that much sugar in one hit wasn't pretty.  Nor was it funny.  The LOML was very wise not to laugh at me until well after the sugar-low had subsided and I was able to laugh too.  About 24 hours in all.  For-ev-er.

Clearly my sugar-free life is well and truly entrenched now.  

But that sticky rice pudding was worth it.  Oh my, it was worth it!

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