Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of lizards, fairies and cake. Lots of cake.

They grow up so quickly.

Not long ago he was holding out on making his grand entrance, causing his mother a whole lot of pain and delayed relief, keeping everyone waiting....waiting...

And now all of a sudden he is five.  A big, grown-up preppie in the class next to mum, with tastes and likes and personality by the bucketload.

I love my nephew and on Wednesday he had his birthday.  Today was the party.  I love a good party and there is nothing better than a five-year-old's party.  There was even a jumping castle!  How cool!!!

My contribution was the cake.

Inspired by this cake...
Nothing says five-year-old like a lizard cake.

A mulit-coloured lizard at that.  With an abundance of sugar icing balls just right for chomping!

It was his sister's birthday last month.  She, unfortunately, had her party cancelled.  Not postponed...cancelled.  I can't begin to imagine what she did that got her party cancelled.  And after the invitations had been sent too.  She must have been reeeallllyy naughty!

Anyway, I didn't get to do a cake for her then.  So I did one now.

And she loved it.  She called me tonight from her mum's iPhone (young ones and technology!!) and told me that it was too pretty to eat and that she was freezing it so that she could keep it forever.  Glad you like it little one!

But truly, just eat it.  I'll make you another...!

I consider it my prerogative as an aunty to be able to flout rules imposed by parents.  Particularly rules regarding cake! tell mum that one...!! 


  1. Darn it, my comments keep disappearing! Love the lizard cake, Aunt Shelley! :)

  2. Thanks Celia!
    (hopefully I've fixed the comment thingy...)

  3. That Lizard cake is inspired! you are so clever.


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