Friday, February 17, 2012

Operation Matron Dress: it's time already??

Well, it's here.  Tomorrow is the day when my 75-year-old bride marries her man and lives happily ever after.

I can't believe how quickly the weeks have passed.  Nor how little I actually followed through on my original to-do list.

I have managed to keep off the sugar.  I'm quite proud of my achievement on that one.  Not so proud of my lack of increasing the water consumption and decreasing the diet-Coke addiction.  Hmmmm.  And as for taking my own lunch to work every day?  Yeah, didn't happen.  All good in theory but the putting into practice really needs some work!

The exercise side of things was a major fail.  Especially once approval was gained for the wearing of a dress I already owned and fitted into.  That removed the pressure immensely.  Who thinks of cardio and sqats when it is known that one's rear end doesn't strain the fabric so much that it looks like a hippo wearing lycra?  Of course, I last tried the dress on two weeks ago and as it is not here with me (the bride has it from her quest to find another matron dress to fit the other girl) I can't claim with 100% certainty that it still will fit.  Not that I've done anything bad to warrant not fitting but you never can be too cocky about these things!

As for the cake....well something had to go right.  It's now 10:30am the day before and it is all complete and ready for transport to the reception venue tomorrow morning.  I would have it all boxed up ready to go but last night I slept a grand total of 3 hours so this morning the potential for disaster is HUGE.  When I'm tired I drop things.  A lot.  So I'm not risking it.  

At least the weather has held up.  After the rain at the start of the week it has since cleared up and the sun has been shining beautifully every day.  Here's hoping tomorrow doesn't bring flash flooding and widespread damage across the region.  Sunday's fine for that sort of shenanigans.  Just not tomorrow.

See you on the flip side!

Will post piccies post-haste.....

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