Thursday, January 12, 2012

Operation Matron Dress: Too many weeks since I updated but better late than never!

Goodness gracious me!  Where have the weeks gone?  (don't be fooled - I don't talk like that - I can't say I've ever actually said 'goodness gracious' out loud in my life! ).

But that's not the point - the point is that it's been a long time since I first posted about my quest to tone up, shape down and fit into this dress in time for the wedding in February in which I will be stand-in-matron.....and my vow to regularly report on my progress.  Big fail on that front but....'s a long overdue update!

The sugar headaches have gone now, the cravings for sweet goodies are minimal (if at all) and best of all, the clothes (pants!) are fitting better.  Yay!!!  Christmas was a testing time, what with all the puddings and nibblies and what-not.  I had the handle on that though because I nominated to host Christmas Day which therefore put me in charge of catering (ulterior motive if ever there was one!).  I'm sure my family was quite put out with the lack of sugary sweets and decadent desserts but I was happy (and less tempted) and that's all that mattered!  I did managed to partake of some champagne which was my only slip-up, if it could be called that.  The sugar-low that followed was not pretty!

At the start of the first week I weighed and measured myself (thanks Marianne for the suggestion) so I had something to compare against, and as of the start of Week 5 I had lost about 2 kg, though it could be a little less - our scales are the old dial version and when combined with my ever-increasingly-blurry eyesight (mental note: get eye check) all I can do is guestimate!  Nonetheless I'll go with 2kg.  I would have remeasured myself by now but I put the original measurements in a really, really safe spot.....and now I can't find them!  But the clothes are fitting better and I'm wearing shirts and shorts I haven't worn for at least a year so that can only mean a decrease in girth.

I'm still struggling with the exercise thing - struggling to find time and motivation to fit it in more than anything.  I've been doing squats and lunges and push ups etc both at the shop and at home but getting myself onto the treadmill has been not happening.  I have been walking with purpose though whenever I have to walk somewhere (as opposed to the dawdle of everyone I pass) and I've been trying to get out of the shop for a walk around the centre/ block whenever I can so that has to count for something.  I also scored a pilates DVD from Santa though I am yet to pull that one out.....!  February is getting closer and closer with every procrastination!

On the positive front, I'm sleeping better than ever and if I thought my skin was good during the first week of sugar withdrawal, it is now absolutely amazing!  I can't remember the last time I had a breakout and I was even asked for ID at the casino over the weekend (I am well and truly beyond the needing-ID-stage so that was a real ego booster!  Thanks Mr Security Guard!).  No sugar, quality sleep and lots of water does wonders for Shelley's skin!  The occasional consumption of sweet alcoholic beverages is the only impediment to the good sleep but I am learning, albeit quite slowly!

I'm feeling confident that I can still achieve this.  Over this last year (especially over winter) I added a 'winter coat' and am a little, though not much, heavier than the weight my body likes to sit at (really, it hasn't changed that much over the last 8 or so years).  More than anything it's a little wobblier and has sunk a little.  Nothing a bit of toning up won't fix.  Add to that the elimination of the bloating that I've found comes from eating sugar and I have great faith in my abilities to come out on top.

And if all else fails, I have approximately 1.5cm in seams I can let out (though even that won't be enough - I am a lot, a lot, hippier than the person for whom the dress was made!).  And there is a shop in town that sells shapewear to suck it all in and hold it there for the duration.  Gotta love shapewear!

If you'll excuse me, I think I need to go increase my heart rate a little and raise a sweat!


  1. Well done to you Shelley. Xmas is such a difficult time to 'be good'. I invariably add a couple of kilos at this time, then spend the rest of the year losing them in anticipation of the next Xmas. Silly really. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks Fiona! Christmas was a big test but I came through well. It's the lack of inclination for physical exercise that's slowing me down really! haha!


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