Thursday, January 26, 2012

Empty Nest

Remember how my mum moved in with us last year?  

It was only ever going to be a temporary measure while she got back on top of things and sorted her stuff into the right piles.  And the LOML and I were happy to be in a position to help her out.  God knows she's helped me out enough in my life, I owe her. 

Well, the time came. 

She got her stuff sorted into its respective piles and was on top of her world again.  All that was left was for her to do was to step on out into the world again.

And she did.

About 3 weeks ago she moved out.

While I have to say it's liberating to have our house back - being able to nudey run from the bathroom without fear of getting busted, not having to worry about the squeaky bed - it's also rather....quiet.  No comforting other-person noises when the LOML is out at night, no little dog following me around as I potter around the backyard, no-one to take my sheets off the line if rain threatens during the day.....I must say I feel a little lost at times.

Empty nest reverse style.

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