Monday, January 23, 2012

The BIG 4-0

Yesterday was the LOML's birthday.  

He's been in denial for a number of weeks that his birthday has been fast approaching but yesterday there was no escaping the cold, harsh reality that the day had finally come when he reached forty.  Four-oh.  No escaping it.

Before Christmas I began planning a BBQ/casual gathering to celebrate this important milestone in his life.  Nothing flash or too complex, just a simple BBQ with some tunes, some salads, some sausages and a bath-tub filled with ice!  Trying to organise everyone from around this little corner of the world was difficult enough without adding the fact that kids went back to school today so not making it a late night yesterday was an important factor....and then the LOML threw a spanner in the works declaring that he didn't want a BBQ, didn't want everyone to come over, didn't want a big fuss made.  He just wanted me to take him out to dinner and be done with it.  


I let that slide for two weeks before I made the decision that his turning forty was important and really, any form of BBQ/ celebrative gathering wasn't about him at all, it was more about the people who cared about him getting a chance to show him how much he means to them.  

So I went ahead and organised everyone anyway!

It ended up being a great day all round - the food was delish, the company marvelous, the weather just perfect - and best of all, I haven't been left with a fridge full of leftovers!

I would have taken a photo of the amazing choc-choc-choc mud cake (pick the flavour there?!?) I made for him but I wasn't that organised.  Take my word for it though, it was DELISH!  (I only had a small sliver - the temptation was just too much!!!)  Given how little was left at the end I think everyone else felt the same!

And despite his protests that he didn't want any gifts, he ended up with a (drinks) cupboard-full of good stuff from people who clearly know his tastes well!

Happy Birthday LOML!! xxx

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