Thursday, January 5, 2012

In My Kitchen: January 2012

Joining Celia and her 'In My Kitchen' posts - head on over to Fig Jam & Lime Cordial and join the fun....

In My Kitchen this month... some of Santa's loot.  I have wanted this book for years - ever since I first flicked through the pages of my friend Mrs H's 1976 copy.  I have been scouring second-hand bookshops and markets for years in the hope of coming across one.  When I saw it in the bookshop before Christmas I pointed it out to the LOML as a 'very good choice' for Christmas!  I love it when a plan comes together!!

In My Kitchen... more Santa loot.  A beautiful teapot and giftbox of teas from the Tea Centre.  

The mug I snaffled from our shop - the only one of it's kind and destined for my kitchen from the start!!  As you can see, I have a penchant for chicken things.

I'm still a newbie tea drinker and this set was selected because of its appeal to novices.  I'm itching to try the chai.

In My Kitchen....

...are some 'just because' flowers.  I love 'just because' flowers - I love all flowers - and these are so bright and happy they made my day. 

In My Kitchen...

...are the beginnings of a tomato glut.  All of a sudden the weather has turned warm (yay!!) and the tomatoes are ripening by the hour!  All the rain we've had these last few weeks have swelled them to bigger-than-normal size - these are supposed to be cherry tomatoes but they're more like beefsteaks (I exaggerate a little!)!

This means the dehydrator has begun it's work in earnest.  I can't wait to use these in a meal of some sort....I'm thinking a beautiful fresh green salad tossed with some fetta cheese!  Yum!

Happy New Year In-My-Kitcheners!  May 2012 bring you good health, wealth and happiness!


  1. Shelley, that mug is absolutely gorgeous! Do you have chickens in the backyard? You'd probably love them.. :)

    I adore Charmaine Solomon's book - I have the previous version - it's a fantastic read! Thanks for playing again this month, it's always fun to see what's in your kitchen! :)

  2. I love the chicken cup!
    And the fresh flowers are gorgeous!
    And your tomatoes are marvelous.
    Thanks for sharing your kitchen- I love these posts!

  3. Tomatoes looks great, thanks for sharing lovely photos and thoughts :)


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