Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Haul

I ventured down to the veggie garden today to pick a few tomatoes for a salad.

Good thing I took the basket.

....yes, that's another monster zucchini at the back.  I really need to be getting down and picking them more often!
I also had to use the front of my shirt in a very-unattractive-good-thing-the-neighbours-can't-see-my-pasty-wobbly-belly make-do basket thingy to carry the beans.

I think I might add some sauce making to my to-do list today....


  1. Woohoo, great haul, Shelley! We've got purple beans and our first zucchinis just about ready to go, but we can't seem to grow tomatoes outside here. They're instant fruitfly magnets!

  2. beautiful!! I have never seen purple beans. How far into the summer are you? That's a ton of tomatoes. Before I know it, you'll be posting pictures of the tree that is heavy with kiwi fruit. I'll cry then.

  3. Thanks Celia - I think we're still too cool here for fruitfly yet (despite being in Qld - the fruitfly capital)....the temps have only just hit the thirties this week and now everyone is moaning about how hot it is!!!

    Marianne, these purple beans are amazing. I planted a dozen seeds two years ago and they cropped so madly I missed some and they went to seed. Every year since they have popped up on their own and I now have no chance of taming them! They turn green once they're cooked - very cool trick in the minds of littlies! And as for the kiwi fruit....I'll post some piccies just for you.... :)


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