Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hygiene [lack of] amongst people who should know better: a rant of epic proportions

Some days I just can't get over the fact that people disgust me.  Not all people.  Just some.  But they disgust me so much I feel sick to my stomach.  Literally (see below).  Makes me glad I'm not a people.

To set the scene for this rant.

I work in a shopping centre.  Not a big centre, not even really a good one, but a centre it is.  As one of the multitude of shopping centres in this town (too many, who are they trying to kid) it is the place for all and sundry to come to hang out and kill some time during the day.  Buying of course is optional but that is another story.  

Our centre is considered one of the worst in town.  By worst I mean that it attracts the dregs of society.  Sad but true.  Sure, there are a whole lot of great people who frequent this centre, but this rant isn't about them.  Unfortunate as it is, it is the few who have tarred it for the many and leave me with a lip curled in disgust and a sworn oath muttered under my breath.  How I haven't killed someone is beyond me.

What started this rant, without going into too much detail (for your own protection you see), is that I was struck down over the weekend by a horrid, nasty, thoroughly contagious gastro bug that floored me like I have never been floored by a gastro bug before.  It has since run riot through all members of the house and possibly even spread to visitors.  Nasty stuff.

There is only one place, other than home, where I have been this last week where this bug could have been picked up - my shopping centre.  It is the blinking light on the board, screaming out it's guilt.  And behind that light are a number of instances that jump out as the the prime suspects.....sure there may be more, but these are repeat offenders and are therefore guilty as charged.

I give you....

Example A: the lack of handwashing

I am absolutely disgusted and utterly astounded by the number of women, women, who after using the toilets in the centre walk out without washing their hands.  Oh. My. God.  Disgusting.  And these are women for crying out loud!  Women who should know better.  Women who are clearly mothers and grandmothers (they have the kids with them!  Great example ladies!).  Just walking on out without even glancing at the hand basin.  This sort of thing I almost expect from men (and the LOML can attest to the truth of that) but from women?  I am speechless.

Even worse are the women who token wash their hands.  Just a quick rinse under the water, a shake of the wrist and off they go.  Gross!  In no way can that be considered handwashing.  The centre even has signs on the mirrors above the handbasins giving instruction on how to wash your hands properly (OMG really?).  Unbelievable.

Meanwhile, there am I, madly scrubbing my mitts like a woman possessed, who then has to touch the handle that these ferals have also touched with their germy hands in order to get out the door!  Puke.  I don't understand how I haven't been admitted to hospital with some weird bacterial disease contracted despite my obsessive vigilance whilst at work.

Example B: the lack of manners

Not something normal people would give a second thought.  By normal, I mean courteous.  And by lack of manners I mean covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze.  Oh, and directing your covered cough and sneeze away from people.  Particularly the person in front of you.

I can't begin to count how many times I have been coughed and sneezed on whilst serving a customer.  Or the LOML.  He seems to get it way more than I do.  Too many to mention.  It is disgusting.  

There I am, being polite, answering questions, engaging in chit-chat and then BOOM! this person just ups and coughs.  In my face.  Without covering their mouth.  Gross, gross, gross.  Or sneezes.  At me.  Again, without covering their mouth.  Ughh.

And they aren't embarrassed or apologetic about it.  They fail to see the problem with their behaviour.  They just don't know that they have committed a major breach of good manners and hygiene.  And they clearly have no idea that whatever feral germ they have been harbouring to make them cough and sneeze is now all over me.  Pigs.

What's even worse, if it can possibly get any worse, is that the people sneezing and coughing all over me, they're adults.  Middle aged, somewhere between 40 and 55, and female.  Again, really, women?  Repulsive.

So now, having had my rant and recovered from my weekend of hell, I have to go to work and put on a smiley, polite face and be nice to the people who make me sick, both figuratively and literally.  

People disgust me.

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