Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to reality

Phew!  What a week!  

I feel exhausted but in a good way.  Like I need to go lie down for a power nap to recharge the batteries and kick-start the starter motor whilst at the same time feeling like I'm on top of the world and absolutely invincible.

I've done a lot these last seven days and all of it good.  To remind myself just how good my week has been and just how much I have done, here's a brief run-down with a few photos for good measure!

It started last Saturday lunchtime when the LOML told me that, as it was my birthweek, I had to agree to say yes to all of his suggestions and plans in order for any of them to happen.  I was tempted to say no because sometimes he gets a bit hare-brained and people can get hurt (kidding!), and really, aren't I supposed to be doing the suggesting on my own birthweek?  Anyway, I agreed and it was on.

Two hours later we were packed and in the car and heading to Stanthorpe for the night.  We booked into a motel in town, walked up to an award winning Italian restaurant for dinner (all you can eat buffet - could it get any better!), rolled back to the hotel room for the night then up early (woken by a posse of elderly lawn bowlers nattering outside our door from 6am - nothing quiet about them, clearly they all forgot to put their hearing aids in!) to head to the Markets in the Mountains and breakfast in town.

We then caught up with our good friends Mr & Mrs H for an 'Oktoberfest' lunch at Claudia's restaurant at Thunderbolt Farm to celebrate all the familial and friend-ial birthdays happening in a very short space of time in October.  It was a divine lunch....example....

Mains - Beef Goulash with herb dumplings and potatoes on the left (mine - yum!) and two German
Sausages (don't ask me to remember their names!) with German potato salad on the right...
What would a German feast be without German beers - the dark one in the middle and on the right
was my favourite....
The best part of the whole meal (and that's saying a lot because the main was DELICIOUS!) - dessert.
L_R: Black Forest Cake, Sticky Date Pudding (mine - double YUM!), Apple Strudel

So back home we went on Sunday night full to bursting from all the good food (and good wine) consumed in a short space of time.  

But it didn't stop there!  Monday night we ended up at one of the local drinking establishments for a delicious pub meal, Tuesday night was Thai with mum, Wednesday night was another all-you-can-eat buffet (seafood this time) with our neighbour friends, Thursday night was a nice light salad in Brisbane at our friends cafe, and then to top it all off, last night was drinks and nibbles at home on the deck followed by a refreshing game of cards with the LOML (I was off form and got soundly trounced!).

Tonight I am craving some home cooking - light meal only because I am still full from the rest of the week so homemade pizzas it is.

Next week I am on a serious food intake reduction plan in order to combat the insane and immediate pants-seam-stretching that has taken place this week.  Expect tantrums, headaches and hissy-fits brought on by some serious sugar-withdrawals (it was my birthweek - sugar was always going to happen this week!).  sigh.


  1. Oh. My. Word. Maybe next year, I'll have enough extra cash floating around and I can make a trip around the world to celebrate the week from your birthday to mine (18th). It look like you had a delicious and fun-filled birthweek. I can only hope mine will be half as yummy.

  2. Oooh now that's an idea! And we would be completely justified in celebrating for the whole 7 days between birthdays. I can see it now....cake, wine, more cake, more wine. And then a whole year to recover!! Perfect!

    (Hope you have a great birthday too! We Octoberians need to stick together!)


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