Friday, May 27, 2011

Self-esteem in a box

Yeah, I know, it should come from within and I shouldn't be dependent on external sources to validate my sense of self-worth but hey, I'm not perfect and at $10 a pop every 6-8 weeks, this little box of goodness wins hands down every time.

A hair colour and an eyebrow wax is all it takes for me to feel good - clothes fit perfectly, good hair day every day, the world appears brighter and happier and more pleasant, birds start singing and flowers blooming, and my purse suddenly seems full of notes and the letterbox empty of bills.  Oh happy days!  

Nice'n'easy 114A (or 115 or 116) - bless your cardboard enclosed little chemical soul!

I'm a home colourer.  I have been since the Best Hairdresser in the World left the state (she knows who she is!).  My head has had many incarnations since then (and even more before!) - from dark brown to blonde-blonde (very high maintenance that one - who has the time!) to now a light brown-dark blonde which is almost my natural colour (if I can remember what that is!).  There was even a disastrous 'red' incident that required the local hairdresser to fix - I haven't done that again!

My sister has a theory that a husband isn't truly a husband until he's coloured his wife's hair - dainty little rubber gloves squeezed over manly fingers, application bottle held aloft like a welding rod, protective clothing worn by all!  The LOML isn't much up for that!  He'd help me for sure if I asked but I've got the routine down pat now that he'd just be in the way!

So tonight I have a date with the bathroom mirror and a box called Clairol.  Tomorrow I shall be a new woman!

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