Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Count me out

It's that time of year already.
A time for a boof (collective noun) of no-necked Neanderthals to go up against another boof of no-necked Neanderthals on a rugby league field to prove their high level of boof-ness by attempting to kill each other in order to put a little leather ball over a white line.
Oh goody.
Also a time for everyday-Joe-Bloe Neanderthals to roam the streets and shopping centres dressed in their finest Maroon paraphernalia picking fights with anyone wearing blue.  Yes, I live in the capital of Yobbo. 

As you can tell, I'm not really that interested or enthused.  

Once upon a time I was.  Back when the game was about skill and talent and speed and tactics.  Not brute force.  Back when players actually were role models for young kids and not fronting court every week for charges of rape, sexual assault, drug possession, domestic violence, alcohol related violence and the like.  

So tonight I shall be watching Criminal Minds whilst partaking of a soothing drop of red.  My usual Wednesday night TV date anyway, but tonight especially so.  
Pity the husband who changes the channel for 'just a quick check of the score'.....


  1. Sounds amazing!


    Thanks for the translation.

  2. It truly was wishful thinking on my part about the channel-hopping to check the score - I don't get control of the remote! One can always live in hope though....!


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