Friday, February 28, 2014

Suggestions for Curing Boredom in Husbands

All suggestions welcome.

Lucky Phil is bored.  Mind-numbingly, wife-annoyingly bored.

It's been that way for about four weeks now and it's killing me!

I feel like mum over school holidays when we were kids, exasperatedly throwing her hands in the air after the fourteenth "I'm boooooorrrrreeeeedddd.  What can I doooooo?" for the morning.  Sheesh!!! 

I keep making suggestions, you know like 'mow the lawn', 'clean the car', but they're not considered appropriate or worthy enough to peel oneself from the lounge and do something.

I have a suspicion that it's because I've made the suggestions that they're discounted in the great scheme of things.  When someone else threw the idea of 'detailing the car' out there, well, consider this afternoon's activity planned....!

I give up.  Here's hopinng we get into our new shop soon now....

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