Saturday, April 27, 2013

New chapter

I think I'm getting my groove back.  Actually, I know I am.  I can feel it.

It's a nice feeling.

Some big changes are in the works here in my world.  Plans have been formed on the fly and decisions made in moments.  And it feels good.  Feels right.

The biggest of those plans is the one where we pack up and leave this place where we currently live and go somewhere else.  A big decision at the best of times, packing up and moving, but one we have tossed around for a while and were planning at the end of the year anyway.  But we had an opportunity present itself Monday week ago that was too good to let slip through our fingers.  It didn't take much talking to decide to jump in with both feet!

And so we are.  Jumping without really looking.  No real safety net, no concrete plans, just an idea and a goal.  Irresponsible maybe?  But we are okay with it and willing to take our chances.  I mean, what is the worst that could happen?  We have to change our plans?  We have to come back?  Not ideal but if we had to, we could.

I never would would have thought that I would be okay with this sort of spontaneity, being as I am usually the one to have everything planned months in advance with plans made and written in triplicate, signed and filed well in advance.  And yet here I am, pushing for it, champing at the bit that it is taking so long and the end of next month is sooo far away!

Are we running away?  Or are we starting the next chapter?  Right now, I'm going with the new chapter.  We have spent too long waiting for things to change and they haven't.  So now we are making the change.  Forcing it.  Carving out our own new path.  And it feels good to be making decisions again.  Decisions that will bring about change from what we are doing now which is making us unhappy and miserable.

Lucky Phil always says that you can't expect a different result when you keep doing the same thing over and over again.  At last, we are following our own advice and doing something different.

Different is good.

Here's cheers to the next chapter!

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