Saturday, April 28, 2012

I think I jinxed it

That's the risk with doing a post about the wonderful-ness of the recent weather.  There then exists the major potential for said wonderful weather to be immediately choked, kicked, punched and pushed out of the way by the bad guy weather you've been glad hasn't been around.

And so it happened.  

I think it began the moment I hit 'publish'.

Cold, blustery, artic like winds blowing through all layers of clothing dug from the depths of the wardrobe to be worn at one time joined by miserable, not-heavy-enough-to-drench-you-immediately-but-it-will-get-you-in-the-end rain and fog thick enough to drown out your hope and happiness.  Enough rain/mist to make my hair go frizzy and lank in varying degrees and at the same time (not a pretty look) and to make the whole house feel damp and musty.

I'm thinking of moving to the desert.

(haha I just typed dessert.  yep that's where I'm gonna move - dessert!)

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