Monday, October 15, 2012

Litterbugs make me mad

Everyday I drive up and down the range to work.  Somedays it's at a snails pace when there are roadworks, a broken down truck, a caravan on fire, police out with their radars....whatever the cause, the pace is slow.  It's on days like that when I really get to notice what's going on on the edges, what visitors to the area see when they first come up the hill to see the 'Garden City'...and it's not pretty.  

I am blown away over the amount of rubbish in the gutters and the bushes at the edge of the road.  What prompts people to think it's okay to throw garbage out the window of their car?  I grew up in the age of emu parades at school - that five minute dash once a month (or more) at the end of the lunch hour where every student had to come back to the teacher with minimum five pieces of rubbish.  The age when you put whatever garbage you had with you in the car at your feet until you got home, then you put it in the bin.  What has gone wrong since?

I notice new TV ads with little kids pushing the point for adults to stop littering...I can't believe it needs to be made public like this.  All I can think is there is a whole generation out there, the one between me and these little kids, who have missed out on this message of 'throw it in the bin'.  That's all I can think of.  

I'd hate to think it's part of a wider-spread lack of respect coming through.....though I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Makes me sad, it does.


  1. I agree that it's a general lack of respect Shelley. What we do about I I don't know, some parents these days don't seem to be able to teach their children right from wrong and the cycle continues.
    I wanted to wish you belated birthday greetings, and also request a post on the mulberry jelly (including your recipe). Only if you're able to share.

    1. It's a sad cycle indeed Fiona - makes me worry about the future for my niece and nephews. But I don't try to dwell on it or it does my head in!
      I'll try to get to the mulberry jelly this weekend (my list is getting longer but the days aren't!) - I kinda raided the tree on Saturday and ate all the ripe ones so will have to wait a little longer!!! Hopefully the result won't be the doorstop, tooth breaking, spoon bending one of last effort LOL

  2. I can totally relate! I live in a small town in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, and to get to the closest city I have to travel through The Pass, which takes me through the western side of the Ranges and down to the ocean. It's a 30 minute drive. I get so angry when everytime I make the trip there are fast food packages strewn all over the road, where people travelling from city to Ranges have simply ditched their rubbish and leftovers out the car window. I don't understand what is so difficult about keeping rubbish in the car until the next town where it can be transferred to a bin. :/ It looks horrible and isn't healthy for the wildlife either.

  3. There's just no need for it, is there? I do notice that our resident Bush Turkey who pecks about on the side of the two lane highway (a metre from the edge of the bitumen no less) is back again. Haven't seen him (her?) for a couple of weeks and was starting to get worried....although I can only imagine how bad the rubbish is further into the bush (shudder)


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