Sunday, October 7, 2012

In My Kitchen: October 2012

Joining Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for her monthly In My Kitchen posts - pop on over to Celia's and see what's happening in the kitchens of other bloggers....why not even join the fun yourself! 

Well it's been a whole three months since I last took everyone for a sticky-beak in my kitchen and a lot has been happening, I must say.  I can't believe how quickly two months have gone - so I'd better get a wriggle on and get this one posted before October is over and I'm skipping another IMK post!!!

This month (and the previous two), In My Kitchen.... this beautiful coffee set and the Brazillian coffee we were given by the LOML cousins in Sydney during our visit last month.  They have been getting a regular workout since we've been back.  I was taught how to make Lebanese coffee when we were in Lebanon 2 years ago but, not having access to the correct coffee itself, I haven't been able to recreate the right taste.  Now, with these 100% pure Arabica beans, it's like I open a time-space rift with every pot and we're back in Lebanon looking out over the hills!

We were also gifted with a box of Lebanese sweets to bring home - they looked too pretty to eat but they didn't last long!...

....and we were loaded up with the best Lebanese bread I have tasted in two years!  The LOML had to carry these 10 packs (!!) on the plane with him because I didn't have the strength to make the combined weight of our carry-on luggage and these goodies look less than 7kg!!  They are now happily ensconced in my freezer and taste just as good defrosted as they do fresh.

In My Kitchen.....

...I've been mastering my sweet and savoury scroll making.  Custard and almond for me, fruit and custard for the LOML, and cheese and Vegemite for the both of us!

In My Kitchen....

....the LOML bought me some cinnamon sticks and some 'hot' powder.  He's not sure what it is (!?!) but it tastes like hot paprika - it doesn't have the chilli kick to mark it as that.  I ran out of hot paprika the other day so this was great timing on his part.

And finally, In My Kitchen....

...the mulberry tree out the front has me up to my eyeballs in mulberries (those that make it inside of course - it's the picker's prerogative to sample the wares!).  I'm planning to make mulberry jelly for Christmas presents - I'm starting to think ahead about gift ideas....but that's a job for next month's IMK!

Thanks for visiting - what's happening in your kitchen?


  1. Shelley, what cool things in your kitchen this month! I love that you carried home Lebanese bread from Sydney - we buy ours from Baalbak in Campsie. Your mulberries look delicious, and what a great job you've done on your scrolls! Thanks for playing! xx

    1. Thanks Celia - we do have a couple of local Lebanese bread suppliers up here but they taste nothing like this bread! It would be worth a trip to Sydney once a month just to restock the freezer!!

  2. Thanks for inviting us in, Shelley!
    I love mulberries- they are so good in jelly!
    Those Lebanese sweets are really pretty- I love Lebanese cuisine- although I haven't had many sweets other than baklava.

    1. Thanks Heidi!
      The mulberries are absolutely delicious - worth the stained hands when picking them. I've only made mulberry jelly once, it was my first jam and I didn't really know what I was doing so it set like cement! It sure did look pretty though LOL I'm about to give it another go...

  3. Hi Shelley - Lebanon really? Fantastic. I have been wanting to go there for ages. Hopefully next year will be the year. Seven kilos of bread is impressive and so are those scrolls.

    1. Hi Glenda,
      We went to Lebanon two years ago and have been itching to get back. The LOML's family are over there (we found them on that trip) and we miss them like nothing else. It is a beautiful country. We will be back there next year - might see you there! :)


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