Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going nuts: a beginners guide

This weekend gone I ventured back to a time long, long ago when I didn't have a care in the world....back to a time of running barefoot through the paddock, climbing trees, dodging cow poo (I grew up on a farm - stay with me here)...and cracking nuts.  Fresh homegrown macadamia nuts, freshly fallen from the tree down the back - picked up before they have a chance to be macerated by the mower on its weekly rounds.

Here's how it goes...

,,,gather together your equipment: nuts (essential), hammer, relatively sunny spot of concrete...preferably with a little divet-hole like aperture just right for holding said nut.  Don't panic though, a few good hits with the hammer and voila! you have your own!

Don't forget to wear your ugg boots - it's cold out this time of year.  Gloves also would be a good idea.  Keep them fingerless though or there'll be a serious chance of hammer slippage and there could well be an injury (swearing too, if you're anything like me).

Now get crackin!  

 Watch out for these secret split ones - where the split comes where your fingers are holding (but of course it does!) and pinches you without a thought.  These once you're allowed to eat. With revenge and relish.  That's the rules.  You're also allowed to eat the ones that get squashed by any form of over-zealous hammering.  Watch out for your thumb though.  That'll hurt when you hammer that.

At the end, you'll have a container with a healthy amount of cracked nuts ready, looking at...eating....

...right after you get the broom and sweep up the mess you made.  You really don't want someone to step on a half-cracked macadamia shell in their bare feet (not that anyone would be in bare feet this time of year but I'm just saying) - especially not yourself!



  1. I remember maca season very nostalgically as a kid forager in Brisbane. But grown up, a maca cracker is one of my (few) prized kitchen implements. It makes a huge difference, turning macas from something only a kid would routinely go to the effort of getting out, to an everyday food in their season. Love my maca cracker.

  2. Oooh, the little buggers are hard to crack, aren't they? Very delicious though. I think the effort should be rewarded with more than just eating the split ones.. :)


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