Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pooh understands

I'm a honey freak.

I love me some honey.

I love it on my toast for brekky.  I love it on my sandwiches for lunch.  I love it straight from the jar on the biggest spoon I can fit through that opening.  I love it when I have a sore throat and it soothes the pain.  I love it on my skin at night when I use my home-made face cleanser.

I love runny honey.  I love thick, hard honey.  I love honey flavoured things and I love flavoured honey.  But most of all I love candied honey.  Not that creamed honey you can buy some places, but honey that has crystalised and gone really thick (most people would most likely sit a jar of crystalised honey in some hot water or on a sunny windowsill to return to runny but they are MISSING OUT!!!).

Crystalised honey was a favourite of my nana and she always had a big jar full of it to smear over a thick slice of wholemeal bread for me to devour.  

My family and friends know of my love of honey and over the years I have received an assortment of honeys - dandelion flavoured honey from a hive on my Aunt and Uncle's farm surrounded by fields of dandelions, thick dark ironbark honey from an ironbark tree on a friend of a friend's farm, a 2kg pail of pure honey from our bee-man neighbour - and just recently this delicious jar of honey from Coffs Harbour from my sister and her family who picked it up for me while on holidays down south.
Sweet, divine honey.  What would I do without you?


  1. I love good honey. We usually are cheap and get the stuff from the grocery store, but that's just good enough to sweeten tea, and not good enough to lick the spoon. On Saturday after we picked blueberries, I stopped in the farmer's market and bought some honey that they harvested right at the orchard. It was so amazing! I vowed never to buy mass produced grocery store honey again.

    Have you ever made chocolate chip cookies with honey instead of sugar? They are to die for.

  2. To tell you the truth, I've never actually cooked with honey. I can't seem to bring myself to share it like that!


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